Thursday, November 16, 2017

I remember her

I remember her
The summer holding her hand
Walking beside her

Sun on our faces
Dragonflies darting about
Breathing in the air

She was my first love
No one told me the rules
But I was happy

Reaching the hilltop
We sat looking over the town
The sun grinned at us

Steam train puffed along
Dragonfly settled on me
It wanted to talk

Was too much in love 
To listen to the message
So it flew away

And she did so too
Life was not how I had planned
Later we broke up

Walking beside her
Slowly retracing our way
Winter was to come

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I must be getting old

Being but a man
I have little discipline
No patience either

Gazing as I do
In moments of sublime bliss
At unaware you

Calm heroic me
Know my limits but will steal
Pieces of your heart

As I smile at you
Despite the response in kind
I notice your tears

Would the prophets say
"Go take this beauty and fly
Gently dry her eyes"

No they would say
"You are past this game old man
Write it down instead"

This poem written back in 2013 seems to reflect the person I sometimes pretend to be so thought it deserved an airing

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

We never learn

I walked in this park
T'was a cemetery
And I was alone

But for the others
Who lay there so peacefully
That is what I thought

So then I sat down
My mind wandered, drifted off
In contemplation

I heard someone say
Just why are you here young man?
I struggled from sleep

Before I answered
Others began to cry out
Yes, I heard them all

Talk about bedlam
For each grave had opened up
They clamored to speak

Then the questions came
What measure of man are you
To kill your own kind?

One by one they spoke
But their skins were not as mine”
So the pit for you

What is your excuse?
“They prayed to other gods”
Fool, I still heard them

So then the next
“They spoke a foreign language”
To hell you must go

And there were more
“Our leaders told us we must”
And did you not cheer?

“I was a soldier
It was my duty to fight”
“But you killed children”

On and on they spoke
And for each was an answer
I had to protest

“Stop” I then called out
These men have all been punished
Their families too

“Silly little man
I was not speaking to them
No, I spoke to you”

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This poem (a haiku stream) was published elsewhere back in 2014. The times seems right to resurrect it!

Friday, November 10, 2017

In Brighton Town

When I was younger maybe only thirty 
I used to live in Brighton Town
Close to the briny sea

My workplace was close to the main road in
Just as I went out for lunch
I heard a strange din

I tried to cross the busy thoroughfare
But saw a large car driving near
So I had to take some care

A large Rolls-Royce with open top
Husband and wife sat in the back
Clearly it would not stop

The woman waved to me which was so kind
I waved back, good bloke that I am
And put it out of mind

Later I caught on just who I had seen
That lady who had waved at me
Had been the bloody Queen!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

One of them

Everything overtook me
As I drove out from the city
Until they all disappeared

So the tall trees waved to me
The clouds uncovered the warm sun
The scent of summer soothed me

So I turned off the road
Drove a bumpy track to the woods
To hear the sound of silence

They knew me, I'd been before
So the trees stopped whispering
And the birds stopped twittering

The flowing stream just gurgled
So I put my back on a tree
And heard the sound of silence

In that place I fell asleep
And dreamed that I belonged there
I was really one of them

Finally when I awoke
A chorus of all the creatures
The trees and the running stream

Told me that this was the truth
"You do" they said each one weeping
 I hung my head in silence

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I am old and my bones ache

I am old and my bones ache
As a child I saw the dark
By growing up in wartime
Everyone had so little
Except those that stole and cheated

But then it seemed much better
I could run around quite free
Couldn't afford very much
But it all looked good to me
But not those that stole and cheated

We thought we were quite well off
Home, food and saving money
Bought a car and house as well
All on the never never
But not those that stole and cheated

Changed my job a few times
Travelled the whole wide world
Wars and poverty still rife
Our world dying a slow death
Thanks to those that stole and cheated

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

In the library

I saw her in the library
Twice before I dared to speak 
And there between the bookcases
We stooped, whispering, cheek to cheek 

We talked of books, I stroked her arm
She seemed to like me doing that
Her eyes displayed a trust in me
She watched me silent as a cat

We walked together hand in hand
By the canal with barges there
As I took her home that night
I kissed her lips, ears, everywhere

I hoped ours was an enduring love
But soon feared that was not the case
She became offhand, more guarded
Love slid away, back to first base

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Stillness of the night

In the stillness of the night
A bellow of indignation
Rent the calmness of our sleep
It was our beloved boychild
I switched on the bedside light

My wife grunted beside me
Snuggled right down feigning sleep
I rose to warm a bottle
For his midnight drop of milk
To assuage his hunger plea

Crying stopped when he saw me
Sly smile came upon his face
Picked him up and sat with him
While he gorged his midnight feast
Declined none, burped contentedly

My strong arms rocked him off to sleep
Then placed our little blossom
In the crib his dreams to weave
I stayed for just a little while
For he uttered not one peep

Closet tidy; where's my mate?
So crawled back into our bed
My wife's embrace wrapped me up
She'll not deny me anything
I am happy with my fate

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

I breathe in love's perfume

What manner of desire is this?
Soft flesh sighs with my touch
Words I speak hoarse with desire
As I breathe in loves perfume

You then turn in love's entrance
And soft warm breasts welcome me
My head lays on your heart
Its beat is a poem itself

Then as if our bodies meld
We are but one, breath shared
Clasping the other. now one being
Now caught in passiona binding net

So I kiss your panting lips
You sigh but don't let go
Happy I am in your net
Would that it was always thus

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Just Aunt Marge

I liked her she would cuddle me
She didn't have kids of her own
But liked me going round her place

"You're a saint" my mother said
She wasn't of course, just Aunt Marge
Helped us out when times were hard

Uncle Ted her husband smiled
Big man who did all the hard work
But no kids came along 'cept me

She had such a big garden
All filled with flowers and shrubs
Looked after lots of chickens too

When they went on holiday
I fed all the chooks for her
Collected the eggs they laid too

She loved her garden and me
Worked hard but her face was sad
I liked her she would cuddle me

There are so many unrecognised saints in this world and I am always reminded how
loving and giving this aunt of mine was to me as a child but she had a sad life herself.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Whisper from a dead lover

The beach was almost deserted
Except for a few squabbling gulls
Three cormorants sitting aloft
On the promenades streetlights
Listening to the church bells chime

Then the fitness freaks arrived
Walking and running to the shore
Some for the icy morning dip
Hopping over the pebbles
The gulls skittering out the way

Lazy sun got out of bed
Burning away the morning's mist
While the people walked or ran off
Up and down the beach together
As the sky slowly brightened

I sat on a promenade bench
Pines whispered secrets way up high
The gulls chanced their luck with me
A gentle breeze sighed overhead
Mimicking my past lover

There are too many here at dawn
Came with dogs and children in tow
I'll try at dusk next time alone
Perhaps you'll whisper to me then
Hold my hand like we used to do

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Saturday, October 28, 2017


I am so hopeless in my appetite for you
Much like a fish gobbling at a worm on a hook
How else could it be since I spotted you looking 
I was your catch of the day and you were mine too
Love works like that as my eyes concentrated on you
You laughed and so I wanted to tell the whole world
Better than keeping secrets as our wishes came true

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

See you in my dreams

I sat down and closed my eyes
At last the journey had begun
Slowly at first the platform left behind
Past the signals, past the sheds
Clickity clack over the tracks
Whoosh as a train passed us 
Going the other way

We slowly left the suburbs
Trees, fields and reservoirs to see
Giant power lines striding over us all
Past the rivers, past the roads
Clickity clack over the tracks
Whistle though the station
Boy waves us on our way

Screaming now though the farmland
Cattle skitter away in fear
Sending flocks of birds soaring in the sky
Clanging sounds at the road crossing
My head nods as eyes close slowly
I get used to the the rhythm
And see you in my dreams

The train is now slowing down
I can just hear the announcement
"Barnstaple, Barnstaple" That is my stop!
I stir myself, clutch my suitcase
Glance out the window, wondering
If you'll be there to meet me
I do hope that you will

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

In the sticks

A hot wind blew in from the north
Dust whirlies athwart in the paddocks
As the stock search for meagre shade
It was hotter than yesterday

Molly attended to the chooks
My old Akubra on her head
She's a cute miss growing up fast
Have to keep watch on that farm hand

Hell, it's like a cauldron today
Sky clear, not a bird to be seen
Sometimes I hate being out here
Enduring this living on the edge

Sue said it was Australia Day
Or was that yesterday, dunno
Not much of a patriot here
As I'm fighting my own battles

All that seems petty to us here
Molly comes running over now
"One of the chooks has gone broody
Let's hope the rooster's done his job"

I touch her face trying not to laugh
"Shall I go and tell Mum?" she asks
"Yes, she will know what to do now"
There's no place like home in the sticks

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Australian slang idioms
Dust whirlies - Whirling dust from dry topsoil
Paddocks      - Fields
Akubra          - Country man's hat
Dunno           - Don't know
Chooks         - Chicken
Broody          - Hen ready to brood eggs
Sticks            - Distant countryside (miles from town)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Is love always like this?

Tell me dear is love always like this?
I don't look to the stars for counsel
Or advice from owls in the forest
As I struggle for answers about you
What a mystery you have become
A swirling whirlpool in the darkness

Why vie for power to take control?
I do love your fringe cut raven hair 
And hear jealous sighs of passers by
As you lift your eyes to glance askance
What a mystery you have become
But you're worth it I can list the ways

A stormy beauty now that's the truth
But we're walking the same road forward
I'd be nothing without you by me
I love your hand in mine, warm and snug
We're a team, neither is in charge
Nothing is quite like my trust in you

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Hiding in the rocks
They're hauling in the mermaid
I've seen her before
Her name is Wavelet
Why do they want to catch her?
She and I were friends
Met her long ago
How she laughed when she saw me
Paddling in the surf

She taught me to swim
Then hugged me when I did
With a salty kiss
Wavelet did no harm
Told me what her life was like
Hiding from the sharks
Swimming with dolphins
Playing snap with the shellfish
How we laughed at that

Her necklet was shells
They're pretty I said
But useful she told me
The men are shouting now
She has broken through the net
Wavelet has escaped
Hiding in the rocks
The men have now lost their catch
I'll find her again

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

One glance

One glance, just one glance it was
As you looked me in the eye
I lost all sense and reason
For you had me in your spell

Raven haired beauty you were
Your eyes smoldered with desire
My poor lust caught in your net
Now ever your willing slave

Gently you leaned over me
Placing a kiss on my lips
I breathed in a musky mint
Surely it is but a dream?

Then you wrapped me in your arms
And bore me away but where?
For next I knew I'd returned
Sated, spent but no wiser

I know now wild passions fill
But know too that no other
Can satisfy me this way
Thus I mourn my future life

One glance, just one glance it was
As you looked me in the eye
I lost all sense and reason
For you had me in your spell

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Going back to work

The rain still poured down
We both shared your umbrella
I'd forgotten mine

I blame the weather
Much more than your pleading eyes
Going home with you

It was strength of mind
Seeing morning's cloudy dawn
That look on your face

Then you smile at me
And remember what we did
Both bathed in kisses

You now grasp my hand
Both sharing your umbrella
Going back to work

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The carnival's over


I woke from my imaginary world
To the comforting sound of my garden
Noisy parrots squabbling in the fruit trees
Stealing ripening fruit before I could
While I lay abed idle and listless
Not being allowed to exert myself
Recovering from the operation

Drifting off again in Morpheus's arms
I now heard someone pounding on the door
A throbbing drumbeat of pure insistence
Rattling enough to get me out of bed
I staggered to the door, Annie was there
Secretly I have always admired her
I'm lying again, I really love her

I did up my dressing gown, she just laughed
"Came round to see if you needed anything?'
She leaned over to kiss me on the cheek
The sweet scent of her body rang a bell
My hand caressed her warm cheek lovingly
She took my hand and pulled me to the bed
The carnival's over fasting no more

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It's a crime to argue with one you love
Injured you see the shine in their eyes fade  
They are gasping with the hurt you have caused 

Better by far to agree to disagree
Begin again, sing a song, feed them love
Caress her cheek, kiss the tilt of her nose

Deliver then her favorite flowers
She will see that you are honest and true
Perhaps church bells will chime for both of you

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I held your soft hand

I held your soft hand
As we both strolled on the beach
Sea murmured welcome

The morning still young
As the sun pushed over the sea
Lighting our faces

You shed your sandals
Then ran to the waters edge
Squealing at the cold

How I loved you Joan
As you turned to wave at me
Was that your goodbye?

The sun climbed upwards
Rising above the coastline
Waking the whole world

I turned to find you
Now coming back towards me
Your eyes said it all

Walking off the beach
We didn't say much at all
The sun on our backs

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Secret garden

This place was our secret garden
Where we would walk hand in hand
Sit on the grass all alone
I loved you in our magic land

We touched, we kissed, we cuddled here
We never spoke of right or wrong
We just felt right being one
And so sang our lovers song

The sun shone us every day
Our loving was quite taboo
We did wrong but didn't care
For your eyes shone for me too

Winter winds blow where we once were
Our trysting place is quite bare
You've gone to find another love
As it's the end of our affair

I'll remember you my dear
Those warm days with sunny skies
You were all mine and I yours
I'll not forget your passion's sighs

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

The coming gale

There was a grey mist over the waves
The sea slowly awoke from her sleep
I thought I heard a mermaid laughing
She sang a song from the briny deep

The tide kicked the spume over the beach
With squabbling Herring Gull's normal affray
A vagrant Albatross now soared aloft
Glanced down on us then was on her way

The mermaid waved shaking her long hair
Then dived in the sea with a flip of her tail
I wish she'd stay for a yarn or two
But she'd warned me of a coming gale

I hauled my boat above high tide mark
And wondered whether I'd see her again
My sleep is oft filled with dreams of her
I listen for her sweet song, but in vain

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

A spin in the Australian bush

Now don't get me wrong I love the rain
But when you're on a hike map in hand
Searching for the right path but in vain
And a dark cloud comes to pick you out
To funnel water on you like a water spout

You search for what shelter you can find
As more storm clouds surge overhead
Someone in power is most unkind
If I wanted water I'd be at the beach
As the wild wind now decides to push and screech

Thunder and lightning please stay away
As I search around for drier ground
The huge tree ahead is a Moreton Bay
It will shade me from storm's sweeping wake
Along with a Koala and a Corncrake

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