Sunday, 20 May 2018

I will win

I walk into a bar
Escape out of the rain
A drunk slumped on a stool
Oh that's just great, what a pain

Then the barman looked up
So I ordered a shot
Sat by the warm fireside
Then in walks she's hot!

Checks bar then the fire
Sits down right next to me
While the drunk laughs out loud
As she gets a Bellini

"Take no notice of him"
Says this queen of the night
"I can't wait to get home
Family's my hearts delight"

My animated face
Must have shown surprise
"Eagles lose, I will win"
Yes I saw it in her eyes

Bellini - Cocktail of Peach schnapps and Champagne

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

The memory of her

Sunlight searches through slits in curtains
Shines upon my face that now wakes me up
I drifted up from my sleeps valley
Gone sweet abyss full of dreams of you

Your soft brown hands strumming the guitar
Sweet words now whispering in my ear
Rushing like a distant waterfall
That sweet tale so true I love to hear

Eager I let my eyes open wide
Searching signs of you to rouse awake
But some dark clouds now shield the bright sun
Patch the sky as they and I start to cry

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Sweet memories

Happiness in love with you
The look in your eyes 
The touch of your skin
The kiss of your lips
That feeling within
At our secret rendevous

Little tricks we did employ
The nods of our heads 
The jokes of our own
Our fingers entwined
Soft whispers alone
With you our lives to enjoy

There's such joy on your sweet face
First baby comes along
Then came number two
Given dog no less
What a delight with you
As we moved from place to place

You sit in chair across the room
Nodding off to sleep
I recall those years
Happy we did much
Though there were some tears
Sweet memories of your groom

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Swarms of flies

Swarms of flies flew around the house

Their crops had failed again this year
Dying stock, not a drop of rain
Winds now blew to worsen the pain

They blew and moaned the whole night long
And whistled through the woods 'til morn
They woke their farm had been stolen
Their hopes their dreams now were fallen

She looked at him her face in tears
Worried for him but said out loud
"There's no soil left in which to sow
We need to pack our things and go"

Standing there stoic to the last
He stared throught the open window
"Get the valuables, sell them all
We will survive the rain will fall"

"Now here's the deal get to your dad's
Try to earn some money down there"
She masked her face now filled with pain
And set off down the open plain

She never saw her man again
Their farm failed, his body ne'er found 
Soon the bank then repossesses
She opened shop selling dresses

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Thank goodness

A streak of lightning in the sky
Rattle of thunder comes on by
We are destined for night at home
Natures drumbeat we don't deny

Not that I mind the simple life
Cuddled up by fires roaring flames
Her sweet face beams at me a smile
As she askes me "Music or games?"

Sat now by the warm fireside hearth
As love songs seranade us both
Scrabble done she beat me at that
Cards done too, we're now mouth to mouth

The lights now dimmed the rain still falls
Bright eyes glow I unfasten dress
String of kisses, nose, cheek and lips
I wonder if she will acquiesce?

I touch the seams, I feel the sheen
As she snuggles so close to me
I could list more but knock on the door
Parents are home forgot their key

Thank goodness!

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Dying of thirst

He licked the last of the muddy water
A gritty taste in his still parched mouth
He then sought shade under a rocky crag
To lay him down to rest
Thumping heart in his breast

The grass all gone even the trees had died
Whose roots sought water to the very last
Leaves had fallen and then their limbs did sag
Bleached bones lay around
All quiet not a sound

Streams and rivers no longer flowed to seas
Now just putrid lakes of floating corpses
Along with every man made plastic bag
Millionaires flew to Mars
Left a few rusting cars

The last to die were the forgotten ones
Who had lived their lives in Earth's barren zones
Isolated, dark eyed whose limbs were but scrag
Nature's children for years
They too now shed their tears

They dreamed of Earth in days of glory past
Children playing in the rain, skies overcast
All was green and fruit in trees made them sag
Life filled lakes, rivers, seas
Man, you can never please

He licked the last of the muddy water
A gritty taste in his still parched mouth
He then sought shade under a rocky crag
To lay him down to rest
Last heart beats in his chest

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Trust in words

Power of the press
What is written must be true
Sage advice or no?

What is truth these days?
Raving politicians shout
Sprouting discontent

Suspect voices hoarse
Spreading lies, chain reaction
Bags of fear let loose

Promising so much
The voters simply doubtful
So they veer away

Same lies told over
Rank stench of distrust abounds
Only iceberg's tip seen

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