Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dreaming of my childhood

In my dreams I revisit my childhood
Those magic halcyon days now long gone
When innocence coupled with adventure
Exploring life's maze while the sun still shone

On our bikes we surveyed our little world
Cycling by main roads and lonely back lanes
We'd search for huffing steam railway engines 
Or even some screaming jet aeroplanes

Pursuing each other up hill and down dale
Finding backroads and splashing through ford's streams
Always searching for the edge of our world 
All this comes back I now see in my dreams

How full our lives were, so little we knew
Of marriage and working and all that to do
Confining adventures we now enjoyed
For that distant future we had had no clue

Now in my old age the whole picture I see
But still I wish that I was capable
To trace my way back to that time in mind
For way back then it was but a fable

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When I look at you

When I look at you
You are the light of my life
You brighten my day

When I speak to you
You listen to me love
You have trust in me

When I dare to touch
You smile and encourage me
My heart then beats fast

When I yearn for you
I know you will wait for me
No matter how long

When I hold you close
We melt together to be
United in love

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This poem from a few years back has been revised for a first showing on Poets United

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Just one more winter

My warm breath steamed out
The cold winter had come
My fingers were blue

Sad crimped grassy tufts
Hung yellowing heads in shame
Cold stones stared at me

Still I took a walk
Boots cracking the ice puddles
This cruel seasons work

Tree limbs bowed with snow
Mine too seeped with distant dreams
Of life as it was

Workers out early
Overlapping the piles of snow 
To get traffic through

Just one more winter
Old age is like that all year
A tree branch snapped off

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Who am I?

Just who am I now?
Not a baby in a crib
Not a toddler running free
Not a boy on his bike
Or that young scout on a hike

Just where have I gone?
Hand in hand with a girl
Having a drink in a bar
Playing sport at the weekend
Wishing Sue was your girlfriend

Just when did I start work?
Seeing the world out there
Flying high in the sky
Going places far and wide
With a wife now by my side

Just how did I grow old?
Family all moved away
Living here, living there
Alone after all those years
Time ticks by shedding tears

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Thursday, May 25, 2017


He flinched as she slapped him
His mouth fell open agape
And hastily beat a retreat
She smiled at the other girls
They would reclaim the night

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It was so long ago

It was so long ago
Summertime in England
We were now going out
Walking up the steep hill
Through a field of golden butttercups

Just why did I like you
We lay there untroubled
Warmth of sun on faces
Looking over the town
With me hoping I could kiss your lips

"Rob, do you like butter?"
Picking just one flower
Holding it by my chin
It was then I kissed her
And touched her with my fingertips

Shame such love does not last
As old time ticks away
This old man longs for her
Walking up that steep hill
Through a field of golden buttercups

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Such bliss

Lonely is a soul without love
Not a touch, nor a kiss or embrace
Remembering only what if I...
Had only said some words to her face
Or even dialled her number
To hear her sweet voice
Just one last time
Instead I did
But steal away
Like a thief

I've been those days since college time
Confused thus rued my foolish wrongs
Tossed at night an insomniac
Never to cleanse my troubled mind
Yet did but see her today
Who then waved and smiled
Came up to chat
It was such bliss
To make a date 
With a kiss

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