Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thank you Thom

Thank you Thom for all the prompts in the past
Making me scribble down words thick and fast

Somehow fitting modern words in a period piece
About Maori tribes trying to come to peace 

Or getting so involved with the story line
I hadn't memorized all the words in time

Luckily writing is a haphazard art
Readers tend not to worry once they start

I am sure we will all find a new home soon
Goodbye for now Thom, I wish you good fortune

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What naive wish

What naive wish that man should live in peace
For conflicts arise soon after wars do cease
A lasting calm in this world sublime
Has so rarely been at any time

We've fought each other for almost everything
For land, food annd water even worshipping
Lives are lost and our children cry
Who on Earth knows the reason why?

A terrible truth on which we do not act
That wars encourage inventiveness in fact
Atomic bombs, radar, submarines
Don't come from framing idyllic scenes

Humans have gone quite mad in this new culture
For poisons are now used in our agriculture
Bees endangered to sell certain brands
Wars waged across once tranquil lands

Note: The use of pesticides has severely endanged and killed bees in many countries of the world. If bees and other pollinating insects are wiped out humanity will be in serious trouble.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

I dream of those days

As I get older I wish I could dance
To the music of time but legs say "No"
These days are lost in the midst of pain
Remembering days in nursery school

Oh to be running so wild and free
In the middle of the forest green
Telling stories to the fairies there
Lunching with pixies on a toadstool

But one thing that makse me so upset
A week later I went there again
I was told by wise owl waiting there
That I was too old, so felt a fool

So I dream of those days not long past
How innocent our small lives were then
Where adults ways were quite unknown
And I met fairies at the wishing pool

As I get older I wish I could dance
To the music of time but legs say "No"
These days are lost in the midst of pain
Remembering days in nursery school

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The morning after

It was the night before the morning after
Full of booze and uproarious laughter
My mind was clearly was not in gear
Couldn't tell whether I was here or there
She took me places I need not know

By spending it in foolish drinking
When I awoke I was not at home
And clearly I was also not alone
Deep in trouble I am sure of that
With three stray dogs I know not how

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In the blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye she was gone
I felt like a shorn sheep
Without the one I loved

But love is like that, gone in a flash
Snatched away by a thief
Whilst rooted to the spot

Tottering around like a drunk man
Grovelling in the dust
Lashed by regretful pride

When remorse is finally over
Tattered ego reborn
Start over, spin around

Be single again glancing slyly
At every enticing curve
Maybe that one perhaps?

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Someone else

Sadness always comes with the question, why?
Hearts break, hopes lost, all you want to do is die
But all your eyes can do is cry, cry, cry

But the sun still shines above in the sky
The bees they buzz, flowers bloom, birds do fly
Showing that you should really try, try, try

Someone else will see that you need a guy
You'll forget those sad days that have gone by
For you'll be the apple of his eye, eye, eye

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My dog looked at me

My dog now looked at me doubtfully
Hesitant about his morning walk
As thunder grumbled veiled threats outside

He wagged his tail as I donned my coat
Not his usual wag but obedient
No doubt preferring somewhere to hide

We headed for the park where he'd bark
And sniff at all the other dogs there
Which other owners could not abide

But t'was deserted as the darkened skies
Started to pour down with rain and hail
Now there was nowhere at all to hide

My dog kept on looking up at me
His eyes treating me with such scorn
Sulking head down now not by my side

That we were so soaked there is no doubt
When the weather eased we headed home
My wife there with towel and grin quite wide

My dog's tongue it was now hanging out
A smirk upon his face washed with rain
Shook himself before he went inside

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