Sunday, May 21, 2017

It was such bliss

Lonely is a soul without love
Not a touch, nor a kiss or embrace
Remembering only what if I...
Had only said some words to her face
Or even dialled her number
To hear her sweet voice
Just one last time
Instead I did
But steal away
Like a thief

I've been those days since college time
Confused thus rued my foolish wrongs
Tossed at night an insomniac
Never to cleanse my troubled mind
Yet did but see her today
Who then waved and smiled
Came up to chat
It was such bliss
To make a date 
With a kiss

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Must get away

Urban traffic
Cars and noise
Peoples voices
Scent of decay
Shouts and smells 
Must get away

Tire tracks have ended
A lines was crossed
Now I am me
The wild place begun
All birds sang out
My world was now free

Flimsy clouds high above
Birds stilted voices
They now sang out loud
For their message is clear
Sun shines down on us
So far from the mad crowd

How wonderful is nature
We trip and dance with glee
To breathe in that message
Three great gasps of this freedom
To bask in this heaven
And glory in its visage

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How did I lose you?

How did I lose you
Sweetest princess in my eyes
Beauty to behold

How the rain did fall
On my dreams of life with you
Lead has come from gold

My eyes see darkness
Far from your radiant light
I'm feeling so cold

Now I walk alone
Who can I find to match you
Whose hand can I hold?

Then I met young Sue
Who brightened my life again
Who me did enfold

She's my morning sun
Her sweet love is true indeed
Gone those days of old

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

In the English pub

I have always enjoyed playing billiards and snooker right from my teen years, Oh so very long ago.
In fact my father had been the last but one billiards champion at the Men's Institute in the town where we lived while I still wore short trousers.
It was my young uncle who was only three years older than myself who introduced me to the game soon after I was old enough to frequent inns and hotels in England in the 1950's.
We would play on the tiny Bar Billiards table all evening with me drinking a light beer or shandy and making it last as long as possible.
We hogged the table by the traditional ruse of placing a coin on the tables edge that the table had been booked after we had finished whilst having the billiard cues in our hands all the time.
Of course we were pressured off the table if the newcomers looked angry and that was our cue to go and play darts in another corner of the bar as our long lasting drinks got warmer in those days before refrigeration!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


It was a crisis and I was delayed
Making a mess of all the plans I made
My girlfriend would be meeting me at noon
And that time was coming up quite soon

I've tried her iPhone but that is no good
Oh, where is she, has she misunderstood?
Then with embarrassment I checked the date
It's tomorrow, she is still out of state

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My pushbike

When birthday number twelve did come around
Fed up with all the walking round and round
I was allowed to have a proper bike                                             
Even though I was still just a little tyke                                        
As in our town traffic was very light                                              
And battery headlamps were used at night  

I was then allowed to ride off to school
And of course did ride through each muddy pool
Back home all our bikes were kept in a shed
And were locked up when we were abed
In those days most bikes were coloured black
I painted mine red, flair it did not lack

Me and my friends rode about everywhere
By streams and villages without a care
To the main railway line to observe 
Steam trains thunder under the bridge we were
Then on homeward way by a country lane
Through river ford we'd splash which was insane

I feel sad when I recall my pushbike
For it was my best friend in my minds psyche
Much like my motor is for me today
Who is my trusty friend I might say
But remember just how good it did feel
To hear the whirring of my cycle's wheel
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Monday, May 15, 2017

Truth about writing

How I wish that I was fit
Even just a little bit
To walk across fields of green
Or run on the beach serene

But my legs don't want me to
Active days are now all through
My fingers though are all right
On the computer they tap all night

My mind's busy as a bee
Sometimes a sailor at sea
Or a lover in a bed
As on her breast I lay my head

She whispers sweet words to me
Rogue I am, through dreams I see
I write them down unaware
As her fingers run through my hair

Now at my desk I tap away
Break of dawn 'til sky turns grey
Nourished by a coffee cup
Until those sweet words all line up

Then the writer's fantasy
To the readers seems to be
So real as they read each word
Which of course is so absurd

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Please note neither of the men illustrated is me!