Saturday, December 3, 2016

My inner self

I am an old man
But I never really grew up
For that I'm thankful

I lay on the grass
Looking up at the blue sky
While the clouds race past

The sun smiles at me
I wade barefoot in the stream
Fish nibble my toes

I am who I am
Happy with my inner self
In love with my life

You can walk with me
I will even hold your hand
Trees whisper to us

I am so thankful
Not ever really grown up
And still a young man

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Friday, December 2, 2016

I met her in winter

I met her in winter
Her eyes were as green as a spring day
And my heart leapt at the sight of her

Wrapped up in her warm coat
I didn't know that she had seen me
She had for she told me later on

I'd dreamt of her that night
So I watched out for her the next day
Shyly she smiled as I waved to her

So we arranged a date
Holding her hand in the cinema
Afterwards I walked her to her home

I saw her often then
Was invited in to meet the parents
Then were allowed to use the front room

We cuddled each other
In front of the warm open fireplace
Together we hardly needed it

Then a knock on the door
Her young sister now came to join us 
"It's boring out there with them" she said

I wonder even now
After our fifty years of marriage
Whether what she said was really true

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Note that each stanza has 6/9/9 syllables

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Your touch at first

Your touch at first is rough as you throw me about until I submissive sit there sullen before you.

Then you slowly make me turn around in some endless dance as you push and knead me with your strong hands.

You wet me and as I sit there glistening you gently make spin again touching me in your persuasive way shaping me to your will.

I bend and twirl with delight as you change me from being an inert lump of clay to become beautiful just by your touch with curves and shadows, texture and form and I have become a new being.

Now you place me in a fiery furnace but rather than be destroyed I have become firmer, stronger with such treatment but not satisfied with all this you start painting me with glaze and pretty patterns and I love that you treat me in this way.

I hear other voices say how beautiful I am and as I look at you I see you are in love with me too.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

All I want

That invisible ladder which we climb
Which separates us from the world sublime
Have I come from way out of town?
For you see me and now you do frown

Is it my color or perhaps my speech?
Are you afraid I'll suck like a leech?
Do I say my words with country slur
Such behaviour you do not concur

Or was all of this land ours before
Until you stole it with blood and gore
So you fear the day that we'll return
And then in fiery hell you will burn

Perhaps I came from a distant land
At first thankful for a helping hand
But finding that I was outcast still
And now am blamed for every ill

Is it my sexual preference you hate?
As I prefer a quite different mate
I didn't ask you to change one bit
But now you say that I just don't fit

All I want is chance now to thrive
And was happy when I did arrive
Now my family is filled with dread
As now you would like us gone or dead

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weird day in church

The fans were whirling overhead
Everyone dabbing their brows
With white cotton handkerchiefs
Looking quite red in the face

Kids were all strangely quiet
This first hot summer Sunday
The priest started the liturgy
His winter cough now long gone

The summer's heat makes its mark
People now shielding their noses
As youth swings the censer round
To breathe again when it passed

Then I nearly laughed out loud
When the organist missed a stop
or valve he was fiddling with
Resulting in a flat note

Furtively his head tooked round 
Seeing a small child with scissors
Cutting a pew sheet unnoticed
It was a weird day in church

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

At the Drive-In

Remember Drive ins?
All gone but one in our state
But don't go there now

Remember the rain
Wipers washing the windscreen
Just to glimpse the film

Open the window
To stop fogging up inside
With kids in the back

They wouldn't keep still
Then they'd sleep through the good bits
Though babe was awake

What a mess they made
Sticky seats and door handles
The whole pot-pouri

Queuing to exit
Car horns venting frustration
Rain still spraying down

Adding to the fun
They all woke up when we got home
Law of averages

Next day I told them
I'm getting a tray top
Kids at back next time

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I'm the traveller

I'm the traveller
Searching for the least worn path
To refresh my soul

Seeking the answer
But not knowing the question
In the clear blue sky

I walk the seashore
A mermaid swims away
But the seagulls stay

You have gone missing
There is a map in my heart
But can't find my way

Another dark night
The dawn comes up anyway
And pays me no mind

The end is in sight
I do not want to arrive 
Unless you are there

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