Saturday, January 20, 2018

Across the valley

I looked across the valley
To view the town of my birth
The church stood above the rest
As the bells chimed a welcome
To entice us from our homes

The soothing sounds of childhood
The mad tunes of foolish youth
Seduced by albums design
Which came from grooves of vinyl
Now play lists are on the phone

We all have a use by date
When our final days come round
Our footprints in shifting sand
Are then blown into the void
Gone our plethora of days

Once we were an eager sponge
Soaking up lifes rich bounty
One day we find journey's end
All the riches we gathered
None but memory remain 

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The mirage of now

Whispering as we entered the caves
As though some spirit might welcome us
Who'd been hibernating long years past

We held our breath our eyes came to see
Stalactites gittering as with frost
Guide then whispering welcomed us in

Sleeping bats hung under the caves dome
With faltering steps we ventured on
Until we had to bend right down low

The guide's torch now reveals a scene where
Skeletons of ancient people lay
Unseeing, rejected from our world

To sleep alone for eternity
But they teach us of life and of death
Dust and droppings their final wreath

Tour is over we make our way out
Our eyes slowly adjust to the light
The mirage of now comes back to view

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The old oak told me

I spent a lot of time
when I was very young
in trees

I hid from my brother
who seemed not to know how
to climb

The old oak tree told me
secrets and gave me acorns
to spread

Where I could like children
to find a home to live
and grow

I looked up at a pine
she then looked down at me

Look at my pine cones boy
pick them up, toss them out
to play

To drop the seeds away
to grow tall just like me

Then by the riverside
I saw this willow bent

Can I help? Then I saw
her tears were seeds falling

Down the river to find
somewhere to live and grow
like me

So decided to help
plant their seeds where I could
to live

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lonely as a cloud

Once I wandered lonely as a cloud
Did not express my thoughts out loud
When childlike life was mostly play
But with an urge to seize the day

I looked at girls they laughed at me
But there was one I could see
Was happy to walk and hold my hand
'til foolish I spied a girl named Anne

It wasn't until I thought a bit 
This was no way of doing it
Here was I indulging my all
For soon this led to my downfall

I had not thought of how they felt
For met this girl, my heart did melt
Was convinced she was next to none
Despite my pleas, was not the one

All through my life I dreamed of her
Yet so much else is just a blur
Until one day Facebook request
There she was, now my soul can rest

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I breathe your scent

I gently kiss your pretty nose
and run my fingers though your hair
your sighs repeated not only once
as I whisper soft words that I care

Those fingertips touch my face
you tenderly look me in the eyes
I hold you close and promise all
as tears confirm our future ties

I breathe your scent that I know so well
your embrace confirms our love
as murmurs of our passion stir
and pray for blessings from above

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Foggy January day

A train's whistle muffled in the mist
as shady figures faded from my sight
so like a chicken without a head
I fumbled around with turn and twist

What sane person would walk in dense fog
like taking a stroll down a dark shady lane
or a thick forest with no trails
without the assistance of a guide dog?

No! I'm not superstitious at all
but could list more than a hundred things
playing this game has no grain of sense
Gravity; on my face I'll surely fall!

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How time flies

Wistful was his mood now
Their time to leave came round
The visit had relieved all fears

The childrens' cold faces 
Shone in the moon's bright light
And the stars twinkled in their eyes

The old farmer's daughter
Brought them up to visit
The dark night now hiding his tears

His voice as harsh as gravel
Did speak of love and things
Before they then said their goodbyes

She leaned against him then
Touching his gnarled old hands
The children he'd not seen for  years

Jess said they'd come again
He so hoped that was true
But the farmer knew how time flies

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