Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Secret garden

This place was our secret garden
Where we would walk hand in hand
Sit on the grass all alone
I loved you in our magic land

We touched, we kissed, we cuddled here
We never spoke of right or wrong
We just felt right being one
And so sang our lovers song

The sun shone us every day
Our loving was quite taboo
We did wrong but didn't care
For your eyes shone for me too

Winter winds blow where we once were
Our trysting place is quite bare
You've gone to find another love
As it's the end of our affair

I'll remember you my dear
Those warm days with sunny skies
You were all mine and I yours
I'll not forget your passion's sighs

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

The coming gale

There was a grey mist over the waves
The sea slowly awoke from her sleep
I thought I heard a mermaid laughing
She sang a song from the briny deep

The tide kicked the spume over the beach
With squabbling Herring Gull's normal affray
A vagrant Albatross now soared aloft
Glanced down on us then was on her way

The mermaid waved shaking her long hair
Then dived in the sea with a flip of her tail
I wish she'd stay for a yarn or two
But she'd warned me of a coming gale

I hauled my boat above high tide mark
And wondered whether I'd see her again
My sleep is oft filled with dreams of her
I listen for her sweet song, but in vain

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

A spin in the Australian bush

Now don't get me wrong I love the rain
But when you're on a hike map in hand
Searching for the right path but in vain
And a dark cloud comes to pick you out
To funnel water on you like a water spout

You search for what shelter you can find
As more storm clouds surge overhead
Someone in power is most unkind
If I wanted water I'd be at the beach
As the wild wind now decides to push and screech

Thunder and lightning please stay away
As I search around for drier ground
The huge tree ahead is a Moreton Bay
It will shade me from storm's sweeping wake
Along with a Koala and a Corncrake

Image of Moreton Bay Fig found at https://bagnidilucca.files.wordpress.com
Image of Koala found at https://weather.com
Image of Corncrake found at http://www.bobthebirder.co.uk

Thursday, September 7, 2017

We needed no words

I saw it in your eyes
That infinitesimal sign
The stirring of rapture
We met on the platform
Winter wind did nothing
To cool the ardor in us
It had been two long years
Nothing could stop us now
We needed no words

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44 words used including Infinitesimal, Rapture, Cool

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The look in your eyes

It was the look in your eyes
When you put your hand in mine
And the way you held me tight 
On this fine June wedding day

How we clung close together
On this our Paris honeymoon
Close to Parc de Luxembourg
Hotel a short walk away

Used the Metro all the time
To find the Rue de Rivoli
And the Musee de Louvre
Rode that train everyday

Went up the Eiffel Tower
Sailed a cruise boat down the Seine
Fell in love with Montmartre
Walked along the Quai d'Orsay

Shopping Galleries Lafayette
What a delight that was too
My poor legs were younger then
When we also shopped Bon Marche

But those days are now long gone
For I live now all alone
But what memories I hold
Of our June wedding day

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Yes, my wife Maureen and I spent our honeymoon in Paris in 1957

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sweet lips

Will I ever see you again?
That would help to ease the pain
Your green eyes would look at me
Those sweet lips grin, a joy to see
My wait for you had not been in vain

What words would your sweet lips then say?
After so many years away
When you'd see this old man now
Whose eyes are dim with wrinkled brow
Fumbling, stumbling along through the day

Would we be as when we were young?
On the day when church bells rung
Shyly on that day we were wed
We first shared our marriage bed
Where with such joy to each other clung

Will I ever see you again?
That would help to ease the pain
Your green eyes would look at me
Those sweet lips grin, a joy to see
My wait for you had not been in vain

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Picnic on the hill

We walked to the top of the hill
Hand in hand not saying a word
Butterflies fluttered over grass green
We looked over the dazzling scene

Sun now shining on the valley
Farmer on tractor, barking dog
Where brown cows munched their daily fill
Us sprawled out on this flowery hill

The river below flows slowly on
At the copse edge a fox unseen
But by me as I kiss your nose
Fondling each other oh so close

I trace my fingers over your face
As you reach up to touch my palms
We hear the songbirds high above
Singing aloud that we're in love

I press my lips upon your cheek
Sun bows shyly behind a cloud
As we roll around with such delight
Thermos, tomatoes put to flight

We then hear other walkers come
Across our once idyllic field
Neaten our clothes and ravaged site
They pass, our smiles are blushing bright

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