Thursday, October 20, 2016

Paddy the painter

Paddy was in a fix as his wife Liz was complaining about the outside painting once again as she expected his to do it himself to save money.

They had been in the house now for over thirty years and George had diligently done all the maintenance himself but now he was retired he thought it would be better if someone else did it for him.

"We can't afford it" Liz moaned so Paddy reluctantly agreed to do the work and as the weather was fine decided to do the gutters and downpipes and worry about the doors and windows later on.

He was very careful and took his time and spent a lot of time admiring the view over the next door neighbor's fence for they had a pool installed last year as the neighbors wife was having a swim each day.

So Paddy took his time carefully painting the gutters and fascia boards and each day Liz came out to see how he was doing telling him she would make him a cup of tea.

"No hurry" Paddy called out I still have a lot to do up here and smiled as the neighbors wife waved to him from the pool.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I set the rules

Mumble of conversation
Listening at the door
Just what are they talking about?
I want to know the score

The cat did have it coming
Spitting at me like that
I barked and sent him running
It was our very first spat

He should know I set the rules
Fireside is mine alone
My growling set him running
Cat's now debarked from home

Master has gone to fetch him
He's on the garden shed
My chin's laid on Mum's warm lap
She gently strokes my head

The cat now makes his return
And glares at me with hate
Master says "Come you two
Behave and be good mates"

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Listen to the wind

The tendency as you get older is become slightly unhinged as slowly your brain reverses gear and you revert to childish ways. There is a message here because you start drooling again, find it difficult to walk and burst into tears for no apparent reason. It is happening to me as I forget peoples names; wonder why I wandered into a room so then retrace my steps and start from square one again. Now I believe in fairies again as I wonder who stole my spectacles  and put them in the bathroom and I am sure they hid my slippers under the bed. It is no wonder I am putting on weight as I found that were twice as many dishes to wash up tonight so I must have had two dinners today or did I forget to do them last night? I do have a notepad to write things down so that I am less confused but when I look at it I can't read the writing so someone else must have been in to see me and written a note or perhaps I had a beer last night and lost my marbles which is symbolic really as I wasn't any good at playing marbles as a kid. I think I should go to bed now but I am sure someone called me just a moment ago that they would pick me up to go shopping or has that already happened? I would ask my wife but I have lost her and I can't find her anywhere. Do you think she is playing hide and seek. I think she must very good at the game, don't you?, as I haven't seen her for such a long time.

                                                       Listen to the wind
                                                Hear stories from long ago
                                                   Now prepare for sleep

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Without You

                    I dream of that long ago past, but I shouldn't should I?
                      As those pictures of you seem to dance in my mind 
                          And spin before my crying eyes remembering
                             I now realize that you have now long gone
                                My life trampled on by sweet memories
                                  Your smile, your sparkling hazel eyes
                                    As translucent as a spring morning
                                      My eyes pan about to follow you
                                         You disappear from my sight
                                          Stun my senses into reality
                                           I travel with you no longer
                                             You took that trip alone
                                                Leaving left me with
                                                   Morbid thoughts
                                                    Troubled mind
                                                      Off the grid

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Big News

Many prayers were said 
For one like her when younger
Dreams flying skyward

Mornings were best
My fingers tracked over her
To praise her beauty

Loveliness unflawed
He skin was like porcelain
An ancestral gift

That is what she said
Smiling eyes twinkling at me
I desired her so

I loved her singing
Now cooking in the kitchen 
A skillet in hand

Parents to dinner
Put bread rolls out for our guests
Baby's birth big news

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bus trip

City lights now fading
The overnight bus pulls away
I sat at the back

Crawl through the suburbs
Faster on the open road
My heart beat slower

Pretending to sleep
Leaning against the window
Dark trees whistling by

The flashing headlights 
Slowly disappearing now
Heading out of state

Worries now fading
Insulating myself now
From being followed

I could kick myself
For parking my butt with her
Her man flipped his lid!

Was he in a spin
Exploding like St. Helens
Mimicking the man

Lava then oozing 
From the guy's crater rim mouth
Lucky I escaped

Bus crossed the state line
First small town is my limit
I promised myself

I must grow a beard
Then I'll get myself a job
Go easy with girls

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Sweet words of love

You are that warm bright light
That glows for me in the darkness
Of my sad longing

Yours is that tender touch
That comforts me in my despair
A sweet breath of life

Sing your sweet words of love
To banish my sadness away
You're my shining star

Come to live with me now
Lets wrap ourselves in happiness
For I am now yours

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